Who What Why

Who We Are

Vments is the Enterprise Digital Banking (EDB) core platform and ecosystem for the future of banking.

We are a financial transaction technology provider that makes it possible for you to transform your existing infrastructure into a fully functional networked ecosystem.

We bring together all facets of the ecosystem through an open API platform that improves interoperability and enables intuitive user-experiences bringing behind the scenes digital money and transaction adoption to your customers and communities.

We are the eyes and ears to your rapidly changing competitive digital landscape. We are banking on your future with new business models.

What We Do

Vments partners with Banks and financial services firms that are losing market share to the Fintech and large players entering the space such as Apple, Amazon, Google, etc... Our value proposition leverages their existing systems and assets through innovations and services that enable growth, and new operating and economic models.

We enable immediate and peer to peer financial transactions through software licensing, professional services, and technology in innovative and cost-effective ways to fundamentally change the way your bank or financial service operates and distinguishes itself in the rapidly changing financial services landscape. Our unique and patent pending virtual fiat money (VFM) and Smart Transactions are the core to our private and permissioned blockchain functional ecosystem and the network.

Doors will open to a new frontier of opportunity following these digital transformations. Big data uses and new online and mobile marketplaces can span beyond your current reaches and growth limitations. Participation in the Vments network and implementation of our Open APIs will reduce risks and costs, eliminate fraud and chargebacks, generate new revenues, and retain and grow your customer base in the communities where you operate.

Vments helps today’s financial institutions and financial services realize the future for your organization, customers, merchants, and communities.

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Why - Mission Statement

Our goals

  • Provide the Enterprise Digital Banking (EDB) core platform and ecosystem for the future of banking

  • Transform the global financial ecosystem

  • Leverage current and new technologies for peer-to-peer value and data transfers

  • Enable detail level data retention and big data uses for our clients, partners, and their consumer and business customers

Our values

  • We believe in delivering the best of breed enterprise level functionality through our solutions and services

  • We believe and have designed into the Vments economic model giving back to the communities that it serves

Our standards

  • We are committed to current and future compliance and security standards that are essential for successful longevity

  • Our employees, contractors, clients, and partners all need to be treated with personalized care and attention. We are not a robotic, insensitive, technology-only solution company

  • Scalability is a primary versus secondary design and delivery level standard

  • Our testing and QA standards are ABT (Always Be Testing) + (Always Be Thorough)

  • There will be a set of standards required to build new and extend customizations of the Open APIs which will facilitate upgrades as newer versions are released

Our team’s combined capabilities and strengths

  • We will employ only the best and most conscientious of those who believe in our values and standards and can contribute their extensive experience to the broad and deep professional level of service that we intend to provide

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