Use Case: CommunityVCash for Merchants and Consumers

CommunityVcash merchant and consumer banking and wallet app extensions enabling “true mobile & online digital cash”. Use this as “Digital Money For Your Digital Bank”.

Vments first Use Case is focused on Merchant and Consumer Online and Mobile to Mobile fee free transactions which can be used online as well as offline. Our banking and wallet app extensions provide the flexibility of cash without the issues associated with it.  Why go to the ATM for cash when you can download and use it directly on your computer or phone? Works for consumers with and without bank accounts.

merchant add sale.JPG

For Merchants

Vments CommunityVcash is true online and mobile digital cash which merchants can accept without the high costs associated with current merchant services fees and expensive POS equipment. Merchants can pass on their savings to their customers in the form of CommunityVcash discounts and other easily configured loyalty incentives.

Agents of properly licensed financial services partners can accept cash or equivalent from consumers in exchange for CommunityVcash top ups to their phones. They can also give out cash to consumers in exchange for CommunityVcash.

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For Consumers

Why should they have to go to the ATM for cash when you can download CommunityVcash from their debit or credit card account with the bank or from other financial services partners. Exchange CommunityVcash for cash in or cash out at participating merchants.

Use CommunityVcash to pay merchants offering discounts and automatic loyalty incentives with each sale. Send and receive it with family, friends, and others.  Do all of this transfer fee free.

Be able to seamlessly use it offline when unable to connect. It syncs online automatically when connected. Get the flexibility of cash without the issues of having to carry it.



For Banks

Create new reasons to adopt and use online and mobile banking apps through the CommunityVcash extension to these apps. Phase out the need for expensive ATMs. Add new online and mobile only customers that can cash load their computers and phones. Then cross sell them other products.

Attract more merchants that could not afford or just want to get rid of traditional merchant services account and POS equipment costs. Phase out debit and credit cards and all associated costs to these. Reduce and eventually eliminate the costs of card theft, fraud, and having to be the customer service intermediary for all disputed charges which consumers can begin to settle direct merchants via refund requests.

Use as “Digital Money For Your Digital Bank”.

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For Alternative Financial Services Agent Networks

Provide your agent locations the new merchant app features to accept CommunityVcash for goods and services.

Enable some of these to also handle "Human ATM" (H-ATM) cash in and cash out exchanges with banked as well as unbanked consumers for CommunityVcash.

Offer the CommunityVcash extended app to your end consumers as your own or additional prepaid top up equivalent on your online and mobile apps.

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For Other Mobile Wallets

Add the CommunityVcash extension to your online and mobile wallet to use through its new more secure and lower cost rails at merchants that begin to accept it over cash.

  • Auto create CommunityVcash account using KYC information already known

  • Device is auto registered to account.

  • Download CommunityVcash from existing accounts or exchange for cash and begin to use immediately

  • Use with anyone and any merchant that has a CommunityVcash enabled device

  • Use CommunityVcash online as well as offline