What We Offer

THE TECHNOLOGY — The Layers You Need

Vments technology stack supports the pillars of the core of our private distributed ledger ecosystem. Vments core is our patent pending Virtual Fiat Money (VFM) and Smart Transactions built on top of leading edge and ultra secure blockchain, cloud, and interface layers of its technology stack.



Virtutal Fiat Money (VFM)

  • Digital asset representation of real world fiat currencies. Not a cryptocurrency

  • Has “good funds” equivalent to bank checks, with the flexibility of cash

  • Minted, not mined, by banks that hold reserves and are fully compliant

  • Can represent any fiat as well as non-fiat reserve backed assets

  • Flows through various CommunityV account types. See Blueprint for more about account types

  • Enables peer to peer value transfers that can re-circulate through the ecosystem

  • Use as “Digital Money For Your Digital Bank”

Smart Transactions

  • Performs Peer to Peer real time data and value transfers

  • Records essential on-chain transaction data

  • Enables optional off-chain standard or self-describing formatted data & attachments

  • Designed for 2-factor authentications through separate request and approval

  • Ensures only permissioned parties can access

  • Enables big-data use by permissioned parties

Blockchain Layer
Pseudonymous immutable “book of record” for all account data

This on-chain layer is a private permissioned network of banks and financial services clients & partners. It stores all of the essential transaction data plus hash totals of off-chain optional data. This data is replicated and consensus validated to remain immutable. It can only be accessed through the cloud layer providing a scalable, fault tolerant, and immutable “book of record”. Identity and corresponding big-data enabled demographic data is pseudonymous at this layer..

Cloud Layer
Bank & Financial Service KYC-linked & extended Smart Transaction data

This off-chain layer is also limited to our client and partner servers that can validate and post Smart Transactions into the blockchain layer. It can only be accessed by the corresponding client and partner interface servers which communicate with their end customer devices, portals, and apps. 

This layer stores an encrypted copy of the essential and optional additional transaction data specific to their end customers. Encrypted storage of end customer identity links them to their pseudonymous transactions. 

This layer houses and runs the Open APIs which our clients and partners can implement and customize. The functional use case specific APIs of this layer include:

  • Merchant Transactions

  • Bill Payments

  • Refunds

  • Person-2-Person Transfers with Optional IOUs

  • My Accounts Transfers

  • Bank to Bank Clearing

  • ATM Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Post Legacy Account Transactions merged into CommunityV accounts

Marketplace use case specific APIs of this layer include:

  • FX Exchange

  • Loans

  • Invoice Factoring

  • Collections & Disputes

Interface Layer
Outside world access & integration

This is the only layer that is accessible to end customer devices, portals, and apps. These client and partner servers are the only ones which can access their corresponding cloud layer Open API severs. This layer includes:

  • Bank and Financial Services in-house systems

  • Online portal and mobile App interfaces

  • ATM, POS, and other API interfaced devices

  • ERP and accounting software API interfaces

  • Other software and hardware interfaces