Our Team

Steven V. Wasserman
Founder, CEO & Architect of Vments LLC

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Steve Wasserman has a stellar history as a serial entrepreneur in Fintech, Blockchain, ERP, and Electronic Payments software.

From day one, Steve has excelled in architecting financial systems to drive payments innovation.  No stranger to start-ups and acquisitions, he has spearheaded bill payment and prepaid front and back end transaction software including APIs that enabled OEM integrated partners to originate transactions through an expansive network of locations across the USA.

As a co-founder, consultant, CIO, and chief architect for Softgate Systems (originally known as IPP, later acquired by TIO Networks, and more recently acquired by PayPal for over $300m), he lead the conversion and upgrade of his legacy systems including the processing and settlement of millions of bill payments and pre-paid transactions in over 20,000 locations.

As a technology and financial application expert, he founded a consulting firm that worked on all types of financial B2B, G2B/B2G, and B2C/C2B, transaction data interfaces and payments. That firm, Bizware corporation was acquired by Ross Systems where Steve managed their client consulting services engagements for hundreds of mid to large tier companies across all types of industries.

Both of these startups were listed as Inc 500 fastest growing companies in their day and both ended in acquisitions and financial rewards.

Steve’s creative processes on all levels of electronic payments and data exchanges made him uniquely positioned to realize the future of banking and financial services.


The Team

We share Steve Wasserman’s true north vision of Vments' core platform and ecosystem for the future of banking.

Our team includes several MIT Fintech cohorts with a highly focused professional relationship. We share intellectual abilities and the actual capability to execute on the business. The team also includes high profile Fintech and Blockchain individuals.

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As experienced professionals, we provide the right balance that covers all aspects of developing, implementing, and supporting our client and partner engagements. We are committed to making Vments the best choice for Banking into the Future through its platform for financial institutions, financial services, and integrated hardware and software partners that comprise the ecosystem.

Our collective experience includes client, partner, vendor, and operations management perspectives as bankers and technologists, a global treasury and financial management executive from one of the top investment banks, a Fintech brand identity and marketing strategist, a CTO with expertise in secure and scale enabled architectures, a business development and operations executive experienced with the Federal Reserve and other government organizations, and other Fintech professionals.

Our team also includes our strategic development partner, Photon Infotech, which is a tier one solutions and services provider to many of the Fortune 100. See more about Photon under Clients & Partners

Steve is a stellar CEO, and we are committed to his leadership. From day one, we have complemented his vision with domain experience, intellectual honesty, clarity, chemistry, and a strong belief and commitment to banking into the future.