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Virtual Fiat Money (VFM) Account Types

VFM flows through and has balances in the following CommunityV account types.




  • “True Mobile & Online Digital Cash”

  • “Digital Money For Your Digital Bank”

  • Cash extension to mobile and online banking and wallet apps

  • Transaction Fee Freemium subscription service

  • Use online as well as offline

  • Works for banked and unbanked

  • See First Use Case


  • Credit account equivalent for online and mobile digital credit

  • CommunityVcash to recipients as spent and owed to credit issuer

  • No card number necessary, but can for “legacy” compatibility

  • Consumer approved transactions settle direct from creditor to merchant or vendor

  • Flexible billing frequency & methods

    • Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly

    • Optional auto bill when close to credit limit or end of billing cycle

    • Lowers risks and allows for smaller credit lines

  • Optional overdraft account to CommunityVcash account transaction


  • Online cash + “legacy” postings

  • Upgraded transitional conversion of “legacy” checking accounts

  • “Legacy” check, debit card, and other debits and credits post into upgraded accounts


  • CommunityVcash and CommunityVcredit in other than your home currency

  • FX Exchange Marketplace converts VFM of one currency for another

  • Use for Cross Border transaction types such as

    • FX remittances

    • International Wire replacements

    • Cross Border bill payments

    • Merchant transactions in a foreign country


All transactions initiate through identification and Smart Transaction requests. They end in Smart Transaction approvals.

LoyaltyVpay Identification

  • Merchant and vendor specific loyalty IDs can be linked and used to initiate requests

  • Card based, scanned, biometric, login, wearable, and other means of ID can be linked

  • A single LoyaltyVpay ID can be linked to all of these merchant & vendor specific IDs

  • Merchant can be ID’ed to consumer to self initiate request

LoyaltyVpay Approval

  • Approval method preferences & controls can be optionally specific to…

    • Account type

    • Min - Max range

    • Merchants/Vendors

    • Commodity codes

    • Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)

  • Approval can be required before or just notified after auto approval via...

    • Smart Phone App

    • PIN

    • Biometric

    • Text or email message

      • Link to approve online or through app

      • Code to be entered by merchant/vendor

    • Must be different device or method to that used for ID

  • Optional secondary level approval or notifications

    • Implement for corporate purchase controls

    • Setup parental controls of family purchases


  • Compliance Related payments

  • Can require specific additional data and/or attachments

  • Can specify limits to pseudonymous transactions

  • Can require age verification

  • Can require and track supply chain traceable product source data

  • Applicable to compliance sensitive commerce


  • Sales taxes can be auto paid per transaction

  • Merchants/Vendors can configure their own tax payment preferences

  • Smart Transaction tax details can identify line item level tax types and amounts

  • Different types can be directly paid to applicable tax authorities

  • Taxes payments can be separated into Merchant/Vendor tax escrow accounts