What We Offer


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Our Clients & Partners that makeup The Network share in the benefit of its network effect in addition to its many other benefits. 

The Network is supported by the pillars of our Blueprint and Roadmap to use case Destinations. Vments Technology stack supports these pillars as the core of our private distributed ledger Ecosystem. This platform becomes new rails for all types of banking, payment, and other Smart Transaction use cases. 

Vments provides its clients & partners a Blueprint of IP, white labeled products, and Open APIs to participate in The Network. We guide them through a Roadmap to transition and transform their existing systems and models to use case Destinations which reduce costs and risks and open new revenue and business model opportunities.

The network of Clients & Partners includes:

  • Banks of all types including Central Banks 
  • Alternative Financial Services that reach the unbanked
  • Online portal and mobile App integration partners
  • ERP and accounting software partners
  • ATM, POS, and other integrated hardware partners
  • Other Fintech, software, hardware, and consulting partners