Clients & Partners

Vments helps our clients and partners transform their systems, business operating and financial models, and product offerings into open and networked banking services of the future. We make it possible for you to realize the future of banking and financial services for your organization, customers, merchants, and communities.

Our strategic partnering and collaborative approach with banks and financial services establishes a digital money ecosystem that enables growth, transformational business models, and new marketplaces. 

Our partner network includes hardware and software integrators, resellers, and services companies that are interested in co-developing and integrating with our Open APIs that enable and enhance the use cases.

Vments provides value by reducing costs and risks, eliminating fraud and chargebacks, generating new revenues, and retaining and growing your customer base. Our Clients & Partners that makeup The Network, share in the benefit of its network effect to face the rapidly changing competitive landscape head on.  

Our ecosystem opens up new functionality and shared costs not previously feasible in the current siloed systems used today.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about joining our network and consortium of clients and partners.

Strategic Relationships


Photon Infotech, has been instrumental to enabling a first class solution that Vments can deliver to it’s clients and partners. Photon is the world’s largest and fastest growing provider of omnichannel digital experiences with over 37 of the Fortune 100 as their digital innovation partner of choice and has the largest digital consumer footprint with over 250mm daily consumer touchpoints. Photon has the largest pool of omnichannel engineers with over 3,800 engineers across offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mauritius, India, shanghai, and Indonesia.

Mukund Balasubramanian, Photon Co-founder and CTO, said that “Vments approach to the blockchain and digital money is a fully scalable, regulatory compliant, and non-crypto based solution that many of our Fortune 100 and 500 clients should be interested in. Working with innovative startups is part of Photon’s DNA. Investing our resources to help build and bring these new services to fruition is a natural extension of our work with the startup community. We are always on the hunt for new disruptive companies to bring to our customer base.”

Elevation, NACHA’s consultative services group is writing the rules and standard of using Vments along with educational materials for their member network to learn and effectively leverage the power and flexibility of Vments Enterprise Digital Banking platform and ecosystem for real time payment value and data transfers.

Elevation is the industry leader in consulting services that enable banks and businesses of all sizes to implement smart electronic payments strategies. With its roots in NACHA, the premier electronic payments association that administers the ACH Network, Elevation has deep expertise in every aspect of electronic payments. And as an independent advisor, it has earned the trust of its clients to provide a range of consulting services that result in business efficiencies and cost savings. Visit for more information.