Steve Wasserman: “Vments will meet incumbent financial services demand for digital innovation in an environment that threatens their relevance.”

From DCEBrief

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This article was published by DCEBrief (Digital Currency Executive Brief - as an interview of Vments founder Steven Wasserman.

Vments is pleased to explore collaboration with DNotes Global Inc ( to provide a bridge between DNotes and other cryptocurrencies with Vments Virtual Fiat Money to enable widespread adoption and integration between the cryptocurrency world and Vments ecosystem and network of banks and financial services companies. This can enable bill and merchant payments using cryptocurrencies converted real time to VFM similar to how current credit and debit transactions can post foreign currency transactions through the existing payment rails. VFM is settled in real time with the merchant or vendor who can then either redeem it to a legacy bank account or reuse the VFM out of their CommunityVcash enabled account to make other payments.


Steven Wasserman